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On our blog, we share our everyday challenges and victories. Take a look to learn more about our architecture, design, and how we work, straight from Yotpo engineers.

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How & Why We've Built a Service Inside a Service

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Change Data Capture (CDC)

Building zero-latency data lake using Change Data Capture


TDD (Trust Driven Development) in Data Engineering

A practical guide for building reliable data pipelines using Metorikku and Deequ


Introducing Metorikku

Big Data Pipelines Using

Apache Spark


Modeling customers’ churn? Start here

A journey towards churn perdition ability


The 4 Data Mesh Principles to Create a Data-Oriented RnD

Implementing data mesh principles to scale the data layer of your organization.


Our Journey Towards CI

Growing Fast & Staying Reliable


Working in small batches is the one single thing you should care about

benefits of working in small batches, and how it is manifested in the latest trends

open source

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Open Source

We believe in a collaborative engineering culture. This is where we share segments of our code and contribute to projects in the Open Source community.

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Metorikku >>
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ReSeC >>

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Join us at our next event to hear from some of our brightest minds, share your knowledge with the community, or grab a drink with some like-minded new friends.

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Tech Talks

Learn about everything from Data Science to Web Development, straight from Yotpo engineers.